• beef biryani

    Biryani With Sauce

    • JOD 6.00

     Beef with Basmati Rice and a delicious sauce.

  • dal fry

    Dal Gosh

    • JOD 5.1

    Beef pieces mixed with Yellow lentills and Flavorful spices 

  • beef karahi

    Beef Karahi

    • JOD 5.1

    Beef pieces with Ginger, Sweet peppers and Paprika Cahew sauce.

  • beef kurma

    Beef Kurma

    • JOD 5.0

    Delicate preperation of Beef, Tomato, Cream, Cashew and spices in sweet creamy sauce.

  • beef shahi

    Shahi Kurma

    • JOD 5.1

    Beef cubes in a tasty creamy White sauce

  • beef curry

    Beef Curry

    • JOD 5.0

    A Blend of Onions, Herbs and Indian spices mixed with Beef.

  • shami kabab

    Shami Kabbab

    • JOD 4.20

    Minced Lamb spiced and fried sided with griled Tomato, Onions and served with bread.

  • beef masala

    Beef Masala

    • JOD 5.1

    Beef cubes, Onions, Tomato, Ginger and Indian spices.

  • Beef Keema

    Beef Keema

    • JOD 5.20

    Delicous combination of Minced Meat, Green peas and special spices.

  • beef mushroom

    Beef Mushroom Curry

    • JOD 4.7

    Beef in mushroom curry sauce.